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Zoomumba is a free browser based massively multiplayer game that is targeted at everyone who is young at heart. A delightful online zoo game with eye popping graphics, amusing animals and exciting simulation, Zoomumba will involve you for hours. If you're tired of all the violent arcade type games, then this one will offer you a welcome respite. Get out of the pulse pounding, blind shoot em ups and take a ride on this entertaining venture.

Release Date: 19/08/2010

Available on: Browser Games

Critics Rating: 4.0/5

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Which child has not loved visiting the zoo and enjoying the sights and sounds of those adorable animals? Surely, you too have pleasant memories of watching the chimpanzee peel a banana, or the baby pandas shyly hiding behind the giant leaves of their tree house. You may also have been scared by the growling big cat as the lion with its majestic mane headed for the edge of its enclosure. Relieve this memories plus much more in what is one of the best free zoo games online.

Become the Next Zoo Magnate

If you ever dreamt of owning and running your own zoo, then your wish has just been granted. Zoomumba game is created especially for those who fantasised about such a project. It places you in charge of building and managing a zoo of your own, complete with all the animals.

The life of a zoo manager is not all that hunky-dory as you will soon realize. While it is filled with fun moments of watching the antics of the amusing inhabitants of your zoo, there are multiple challenges that you will need to overcome. Of course, all these will test your strategic and managerial skills. The game is very helpful in training you to become a successful zookeeper. Zoomumba Game: View 2

Zoomumba is not just a game with fluffy animals and cute graphics, you will need to have your wits about you to successfully manage the numerous tasks of running a zoo.

Being a free game, all you need is an Internet browser and a web connection. Just register at Bigpoint.com, and you are on your way to create your menagerie. You don't have to download any files or waste any time installing new software. You can play the game whenever you are online, no matter where in the world you are. There are reportedly over 4 million registered players for this game, and the game is presented in a choice of 23 languages. This just goes to show how immensely popular this online zoo game really is around the world.

When the game is being loaded, you will see your wagon full of cheerful animals like lions, bears, chimpanzees and penguins riding along on the way to your zoo. Soon a crazy world will open up for you.

There is a very interesting tutorial that will welcome you to start the game. If you follow this tutorial you will be on your way make the zoo the most popular destination in the online world. Being an online game, you can interact with other players from around the world and share your zoo stories with them, or just get helpful tips from the senior zoo keepers on how to get on the success track.

The first thing you need to look into is the store where you can buy cages and such items to prepare your zoo. Each animal needs a special kind of enclosure so make your choices with care. The animal habitats are made to mimic the natural environment of the animal so that they will feel at home in your zoo.

Varieties of Habitats

You will need to carefully select between the habitats and cages available to suit your animals needs.

The layouts are easy to follow and you can design the map of your zoo according to your own creative impulses. Of course, just don't throw the enclosures around in a haphazard fashion. Think of some of the good zoos you've been to and recall their layouts. You must think not only of the safety and comfort of the animals but also of the hundreds of visitors who will be coming to your zoo.

You have an endless number of options for how you choose to design your zoo but take your time to think about providing your visitors with the best route around and viewing experience.

You can also buy animals at the store, but only after you've bought enclosures for them first. The choice of animals is entirely up to you. You can choose from an incredible range, from lions, tigers, hippopotamuses, giraffes, elephants, pandas, gorillas, crocodiles etc. The list is virtually unending and your zoo may probably have more animals than any you've ever seen in a real life zoo. This makes zoomumba an incredibly rewarding free zoo game online for all animal lovers.

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You are offered a variety of habitats to choose from, that include sandy areas, wooded areas, lakes etc. Which kind you choose will determine what animals you can put on them. For example you can select an icy environment to place your penguins, and wooded environment for birds. Each habitat can accommodate between three to nine animals depending on their size.

Animals will make their demands on you pretty soon. You will need to get food and water for them, and keep their cages clean. They also need to be groomed so they look their sparkling best for the spectators who will be spending time gawking at them!

You will find most of the animal needs in the store as well. You can buy different kinds of foods for your different animals, such as meat, fish, grains, grass, fruits, etc. In case some of your animals are ill, you will need to purchase medicine from them too, from this store.

Your zoo has many special buildings in addition to animal enclosures, such as food stalls, offices for the veterinarian, and the gardener's tool shed. You can also build paths so that visitors can walk from cage to cage and to different facilities. You can also spend some money to decorate some of the buildings. You will find this attracts more visitors, which means more income for your zoo.

You can add some great structures to beautify your zoo, such as statues and fountains. You will have more visitors spending time when there are wonderful sights to see in the zoo. You can buy these items and entire buildings from the shop.

The Nitty Gritty of Maintaining a Menagerie

From level 2 on you have the ability to buy buildings and booths that will increase the popularity of your zoo.

When you have visitors, you charge them an entrance fee, plus you earn on all the stuff they buy while in the zoo, such as popcorn, ice cream, etc. There are two kinds of currencies in the game - pet pennies and zoo dollars.

Pet pennies are plentiful as concession stands and other activities can produce them. You need the more valuable zoo dollars to buy special animals or fancy decorations. You receive these from visitors and you can use these to buy animals, food, etc. If you do run out of zoo dollars at some point, you can sell a habitat back to the store or you can buy zoo dollars online for real money.

Zoo dollars allow you to buy the rarer animals and extra special medicines and tonics for your animals. Getting a premium package for the game is a good idea as you will be able to access zoo dollars for these and other activities.

More visitors are good for your zoo business, as you earn entrance fees. You sell them eatables at the concession stands and vending machines, and knick-knacks at the souvenir shop. The more time they spend in your zoo, the better for you. But remember, zoo visitors can be litterbugs and your lovely zoo will be dirty at the end of the day! Make sure you're cleaning crew gets on the job and spruces up the place for the next day.

In addition to earning money from visitors, you can also make some moolah running some errands assigned to you throughout the game. These are tagged on to your experience points so that you can progress to the next level. If you hit a jackpot of pet pennies, you can get a chance to buy a rare animal, such as a certain red nosed reindeer. Imagine the crowds at your zoo if you snagged such an animal to display.

As the director of the zoo, it is your ultimate responsibility to ensure the health and happiness of your charges, your animals. Make sure your vet quickly attends to an animal that has become sick. Supervise the work of employees to ensure there is sufficient food and water in every enclosure. You do not want your animals howling with hunger, as that will surely drive away you're paying customers, your zoo visitors.

The online zoo game features an instant feedback mechanism on how well you're doing as a zoo manager. There is an animated zoo-o-meter that keeps track of how happy your animals are and how well your zoo is doing. The higher you're rating on the meter, the more visitors you will attract and the more your income will rise.

Remember, if you want to see baby animals in the cages, you must buy one adult of each gender to produce one. Playing with baby animals is the most fun part of this zoo game.

In Zoomumba game the upkeep of such a massive operation cannot be handled single-handedly. You have a team of helpers such as Doug, Zoey, Sam Gus, Jim etc. to help you with maintaining the zoo in tip top condition. Of course, their service does not come free, but they are not too expensive to hire too. Just six zoo dollars will keep them working for you for the whole day.

A Labour of Love

This free zoo game online is intensely addictive and probably the best simulation on the market for younger players. Once you get attached to your beloved animals in your care, you will not want to be away even for an hour, let alone a day.

As you progress in the game you find yourself getting very attached to your beloved animals and increasingly concerned for their welfare.

The game play is progressive in nature. You start small, basically learning the ABC's of the zoo operation in the first level. You also have access to just a few animals. The game does not want to overwhelm you with too many duties and animals at first.

As you gain experience and accumulate points and dollars, you will be able to proceed to the higher levels. More buildings, facilities and animals will be offered at these levels.

The interfaces are very descriptive and you are always in the know about what your level is, how many employees you have etc. There are useful stats on how many visitors you're getting so that you can think about how to increase their numbers and their individual spending.

The animal drawings and animations are extremely cute and fun to play with. You can pet them and interact with them in many ways. The graphics are rendered in 2D isometric style incorporating MMORTS type of elements. Zoomumba game will remind some of the Tamagochi game as you bring together baby animals from different parts of the world and nurture them with love and care. It's a joy to see them grow up into adult animals within your zoo.

The entire colour palette of the game is very vibrant and cheerful. The animals, humans and objects are all drawn with a cartoonish way but very adorable nonetheless. The activities of the animals are hilarious and true to life at the same time. You will see penguins gulping fishes, parrots swooping from branches, monkeys doing cartwheels, etc.

The animal sounds are very realistic - the roar of the lion, the trumpeting of the elephant, the squawking of parrots, are all true to life. Luckily, they only make their sounds when you click on their cages. Otherwise, you would go mad with all the wild cacophony!

Surprisingly, some of the animals even speak, which will delight those of a younger age. In fact, there's a lot that kids can learn about animals by playing this game.

When you pet your animals and take care of them with love, then you see a cute smiley icon over their cages to indicate their happiness. This icon will turn into a frown or even a howl if they are in pain or need some attention, like more food or cleaning up.

You are entertained by very pleasing background music throughout the online zoo game. The jungle theme is very prominent to synchronise with the zoo story. Along with the accompanying sounds of the animals, you will probably think you are on a safari on the Serengeti.

Fun for the Whole Family

Although this is an MMO game, there is no trading involved between players. You are basically managing the zoo on your own but you're never lonely. You can chat with other players and exchange ideas on how to improve each other's operations.

There are some wonderful social networking features such as Facebook Connect and Post to Wall, through which you can communicate and share gifts and cards. Some groups of players have banded together to form a collaborative team that arranges common quests. There are also opportunities to visit each others' zoos and vote for the best one. All this ensures a strong camaraderie and a feeling of togetherness on the net.

The beauty of a game like Zoomumba is that there is no fixed plotline to follow. There is no ending you are working towards. The game goes on and on as you go on improving your skills as a zoo keeper and add more animals. You will be buying new habitats and new animals.

As you gain more experience, you will learn how to attract more visitors. You can discover which animals are more popular and which facility generates the most cash from the public. Apart from getting the personal pleasure of watching your zoo grow, an astute business person also looks at it as a commercial opportunity.

You need to remember that even though you may go offline, the game continues even in your absence. Meaning, animals will carry on living in the zoo, eating, drinking and enjoying themselves. So make sure they have enough food etc. to last them in your time away. If you neglect them, they will be very unhappy, and visitors will also be disgusted with your zoo and walk away.

Zoomumba game is an investment of your time, just like any real life activity. Overall, it's a terrific and entertaining free zoo game. It teaches you about animals and how to care for them. It also teaches you how to run a humane, yet profitable zoo keeping operation. The levels are deep and involving and the game play is intensely addictive. In fact this game should carry a statutory warning for being so addictive. The game is frequently updated with new features to keep you involved with it and your experience fresh.

This is a family friendly zoo game that will bring loads of fun for parents and kids alike. It can actually be a fun family activity, and each one can take turns to look after the zoo. The user controls are easy as they are based on mouse movements, so even kids can have a great time navigating their zoo. Kids can also learn basic management techniques, math and taking care of animals in a fun environment.

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Game Rating (out of 10)

Playability (out of 10) - 8

The zoo game online is easy to set up and you can build your zoo and take care of the animals just by pointing and clicking with your mouse. The interfaces and menus are very descriptive and animated. It is fun to go shopping for your animals and their habitats. Every step in the game is designed to be user friendly, especially considering that many players are young in age.

Graphics/Visuals (out of 10) - 8

The visual design of Zoomumba is a delightful presentation. From the first welcome frame through the entire game, you will find a vibrant and colourful theme. The animals are drawn with love and their animations are realistic while being cartoony at the same time. Each antic of the lovable animals is captured in all its innocent glory. The overhead shot of the entire zoo helps to keep an eye on the goings on in all areas. When an animal needs attention, the icon above its enclosure will have a crying face so that you can attend to it right away.

Originality (out of 10) - 8.5

Zoomumba game is a simulation game with a fresh new twist. The game is innovative in its approach yet familiar in its execution. The creators have tapped into the fun elements of having a range of animals and being able to control them in a zoo environment. They have leveraged on the zoo going activities that all kids look forward to and give them a chance to have a 24 hour virtual zoo that they can play in whenever they like.

Game Detail (out of 10) - 8.5

The game has an extremely wide choice of animals and habitats to accommodate them. You will never run out of acquiring more and more common and rare animals. You have to manage the zoo as a commercial enterprise, ensuring you make a profit out of serving your visitors while taking care of the animals. It involves strategic and tactical expertise to build a zoo.

Storyline (out of 10) - 6

Zoomumba is a virtual environment set up for you to build your own world and unleash your own creativity. There is no pre-designed storyline to follow. Instead it offers you the tools to create your story, if you like. It is an open ended game that will delight players of all ages allowing them to let loose their imaginations.

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Addictiveness (out of 10) - 9

Taking care of a zoo is not an easy task. It involves not only bringing in the animals and housing them properly. You must consider the upkeep and maintenance of the operations. You will become very attached to what you have created, especially the lovable animals. You will need to attend to their needs as well as to the demands of the visitors, who are needed to run your zoo. It is quite addictive to watch your zoo develop on a daily basis.

Longevity (out of 10) - 7

You will never get tired of playing this game. You may think that once you've acquired the animals and created your zoo, there's nothing much else to do. It's true to some extent, but the daily maintenance is so addictive and fun that you will be engrossed in it for hours on a daily basis.

Final Say

Zoomumba is one of the few online browser games that is truly family friendly. It is not a mindless shoot em up arcade game like so many out there. There's something fun and educational at the same time with Zoomumba. The environment is colourful and the animals just adorable. You will find yourself getting attached to this game. It's a must have for families as it offers hours of fun activity you can do with your young ones for free.

Final Score: 85%

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Zoomumba is developed by Zoomumba Big Point.